My second client asked me to install a NAS. After listening to his request, I gave him a link to a Synology on Amazon and told him that once he receive the NAS, I will install it.

After one week, no news from him. So I called him and he has answered that he had some trouble with the delivery.

And today, I think I lost my second client and that he will never call me back...
What have I done wrong ?

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    Well it is possible there was something wrong with the delivery. I’m having a lot of trouble with Amazon lately.

    But aside from that I would never tell a client to buy something themselves. Get the money from him and order it yourself*. Otherwise people could use you to do their research and not pay you for it.

    *or pay for it upfront and don’t do the work until paid. Anything goes wrong you could return it to Amazon
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    Why not order it yourself and invoice the client ?
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    @Linux not enough money to do that by myself
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    Well, you could order it from another site and take that on an invoice.
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    Yeah sometime you have a wave of shitty clients. Consider it's a bonus if they run away, they are not casting your time
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