Having to fill skills field in my internship CV suddenly makes me realize that i actually am not really good at anything.

Some friends say that i'm a can-do-it-all person when i actually just learn how to do what i need to do on the spot.

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    It is actually better thing than to know any field in 100%. Most of the times you will not work in one language/framework, but will connect them to fulfill customers' requests.
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    @blem14 The problem with this is that i'm never confident enough to "sell" my skills. Whenever someone asks, i don't tell them what i can do; i tell them what i usually use to do things.

    Thanks for your comment anyway, it broadens my view
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    @dadanhrn you have to be positive and make them think you know what to do even if you do not (that also means how to find out what to do). Of course it is hard when they ask specifically about certain things, but in most cases it will be enough to assure them you know the topic than to elaborate about how will you do it. Talking too much may be considered as showing off by someone.

    Q: "We need you to make a mobile app"
    A: 'I am able to make for Android, if needed CAN ALSO LEARN how to make it for Windows Phone and iOS"

    The "upper" is the clue to success.
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