Reason why I have trust issue 😜

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    My 2013 MacBook "Pro" has been the best Windows computer ever. Unpopular opinion, perhaps, but you can format the SSD completely and wipe the MacOS partition if you want all your SSD space. Install Win10 from a USB3 thumby, takes about 10-15 minutes. It's been absolutely bulletproof and fast as fuck, even today (just changed the battery for $60)...
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    I don't get it, you're installing w10 on a MacBook?
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    Yeah it's awesome. Since MacOS is pretty much abandonware at this point, Windows 10 really breathes new life into an older Mac (install the Lunux subsystem and you've got yourself a monster machine with limitless flexibility) @swchang10
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    But the mac keyboard sucks when using it for windows, it's the best thing in the world when using on Mac, so I don't get why you would install Windows on a Mac unless you had a specific use case....
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    @swchang10 I didn't my friend bought a SSD which had window
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    The only thing that sucks is the fuckin power button... I still WTF every time I see it. Apple design, sheesh. @swchang10
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