I always faced up to any challenge that I had met. Maybe I was just too selective and always choose the easy stuff, but that's a long discussion.
Anyway, this kinda spoiled me over time to think that I'm all-knowing and all-powerful in everything programming-related. Of course I never compared myself to legends that created IT as we know it today, because then I'd feel useless. I always compared myself to peers, and I rocked. I was never the best, but I was good enough to make the decision of finding the best among my peers difficult.

Until I didn't.
I stumbled upon this blog:

See when the dude last posted? Well pretty much since then, I sometimes get a bit drunk, gather the courage, to fail again, at figuring out how he calculates factorials using regex, or other stuff like that. I don't even know what a Collatz sequence is, and the dude did it in Regex.

I stopped for a while. And then, at work, I met a guy, who pretty much had a ready answer for any problem, any issue, any question, any technical consideration. I felt a nobody next to him. He left now, to work for a brand with few employees, that however is well known around the world.

I wish there were more people like these.

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