As a student, I really do understand the need for the diagrams made for a system, diagrams such as
ER Diagram
Use case Diagram
Class Diagram

Like it's literally pointless...

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    I use them to make my mid clear about what I'm doing.
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    @stereohisteria yea...I get that idea, but making them mandatory isn't a good idea...

    Do projects out of University/College as in company require those?
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    Well, I am a Technical Lead and create those before a project is started then
    Engineers read those undertstamd what is exactly going on the project and by this way I will avoid much of the talk. I just take questions from them. But i dont like to draw those stuff so boring but useful for the company if new Engineer comes and start worljng on it.
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    @zokazavevu Okay, but it's pain in the ass for me...because getting them done wrong will cost my grade and maybe that's why I hate them
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    @dextel2 you know what, even after i finish those there will be more meetings and requirements change and again i need to update it. Thats tiresome
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    We made a chess engine and it would have been impossible without a JSP diagram. They are worth getting right :)
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    As soon as a little complexity comes up, it's nice to have something that forces other students to think
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