Okay guys now real deal.
I am planning to move to Portugal or something like that.
I think I’m gonna need full time remote work, seems like that one is not happening with me now(part time)
Soo I do react, and all kinds of node selenium, bash stuff . But want to improve on redux and go to react native also.
Long story short shoot the work on me :)

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    for redux I really recommend reading devrantron code, I learned redux from it after reading Redux docs and comparing with devrantron code
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    @freshlyfe really? Portugal? Is there any specific reason that you want to come to Portugal?
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    @whatevel :D yes. It’s bit hotter than Canada or Slovakia. And some places for surfing :) idk yet though even France or Italy could be good.
    I am just in search of remote job
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    @freshlyfe oh ok, then move your ass down to Portugal rn! We have wonderful waves to be surfed. And if you do, and you come to the North of Portugal, maybe one day we can go surf together 😉
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    @whatevel thanks, I’ll let you know then. I am just freaking going back to canada for month :D soo meanwhile I am writing everywhere I can to find outstanding place to work at, of course remotely or really good thingy international somewhere
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    :) this
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    Hi! This may be totally unrelated. But can I where do you find remote work??? All my attempt have been unsuccessful with Upwork and fiverr
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    @cha-m-ra Hey Man just try out Angel.co or what I just found remoteok.io and many more . Upwork is freelance you know it’s not that good
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    @freshlyfe thanks man! Hope you get gig soon!
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    @cha-m-ra ya thanks that company above got back to me after writing email for 45 minutes :D replied in 30 mins :D
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