Clients be like...

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    That's true. A client of mine doesn't know how to add and edit content on her website. So I started charging her for content update and what you know now she knows how to update the content on the website. Clients are just fucking around, they will know you will do it for free.
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    So fucking true.

    "Make sure you use wordpress. I heard that's the only way you can make changes to the website"

    Why don't you fucking build it yourself
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    Hahahaha oh god, how true
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    @PoweredByCoffee that's how the world is unfortunately
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    This is literally what my current client is like.
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    I just love the mentality that we work for free. That somehow because its such a small task that it shouldn't cost anything. I've fallen for that trap before and just done the one thing for free...... then one thing turns into 20 things and it starts to really add up and you have to say "enough is enough, you need to pay" and then all of a sudden it's okay if it doesn't get done haha.

    Or they say "come on, it's just a really small change!" So I tell them if it's easy then just do it yourself.

    The best is when you refuse to do it unless they pay and they say no and then go get someone else who charges them twice as much??? Wtf
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    @JerreMuesli I avoid WordPress at all costs. After not updating right away, you learn how bad it is. Exploits run rampant!

    At least with my own code I can be sure of its integrity.
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    @tahnik I freaking hate WordPress sites. And static pages that use WordPress have special place in hell.
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    "sure I'll change the picture for you. I'll get your invoice sent to you first thing tomorrow morning"
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    @Neotelos plus use WordPress enough and you might feel tempted to call yourself a "WordPress developer". That alone is enough to stop me from wanting to use it.
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    Sad but true
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    @NTripleOne Hahahah wordpress engineers everywhere
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    Love the image.. Can think of one client in specific, seems like before we started the project they knew all the lingo, jargon, etc of a well informed client knowing what they wanted.. Made me feel like "Hey, they know at least a bit of something, this one should be easy to get through..." . But low and behold by the end it was me telling them "...and this is where you put your Windows password in, and click here to login....."
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    The point of the client having access to everything is so he can hire someone else to continue working on the project if he is no longer happy with you.
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