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How to land a programming job

1. ABC (Always Be Coding) - The more you code, the better you'll get.

2. Master at least one multi-paradigm language - Some good candidates are C#, C++, Java, PHP, Python, and Ruby.

3. Re-invent the wheel - You should implement the most common data structures in your language choice.

4. Solve word problems - Pick those that test your ability to implement recursive, pattern-matching, greedy, dynamic programming, and graph problems

5. Make coding easy - At least, make it look easy.

6. Be passionate - If you don't care, then nobody else will.

7. Don't make assumptions - Ask questions if you're not sure.

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    8. Put "Developer" on your LinkedIn together with any popular language, regret it immediately.

    9. Destroy your phone and board up the windows of your house in preparation for the recruiter horde.

    I've never had much of a problem landing a dev job, but staying mentally healthy and happy with your job can be a challenge though.
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    @bittersweet Giant Company I shouldn't name (let's call it glamazon) moved into my city like 2-3 years ago and we have a running joke about how the maximum turnover there is 3 months tops. They just run you into the fuckin ground.
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    @robosthetique Yeah I don't have good experiences with >500 employee companies either.

    For me the sweet spot is at startups with 10-50 developers. Solid product I get motivated by, even as an end user. Hipster enough to provide table tennis and healthy lunches, not so hipster that everyone wants brohugs and mandatory meditation. Free to work at home at any moment, but with reliable communicative coworkers.
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    It's been three months since I don't code, I feel shitty.
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    @JKyll I've had phases like that.
    Pick a random project, even if it seems useless.
    Don't just say "oh yeah i can do that", actually do it! Chances are you'll learn something new in the process.
    Give yourself a challenge! Test your skills.
    Try learning something new, you can always find something that you don't know.
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    @hellvetica Yeah I used to watch a lot of tutorial videos, and always thought "Yeah that's easy".

    If you just say "fuck it, I'm making a repository, lets code along with the video" you'll often end up with a million neat ideas for little tools and libraries.
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    How to land a programming job

    1. Be a really good programmer

    2. Apply

    I know, I should write a book
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    @robosthetique ooh which city?
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    @bittersweet I’m dealing with a bout of very high blood pressure right now. Work related stress.
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    @SSDD Take it easy. No, really, slack off, let your coworkers know so they can adjust planning. Take a day or two off, listen to an audiobook, watch tv series from your bed.

    I have a dev from my team in the hospital at the moment because he kept working through illness. Rest is mandatory.
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    @bittersweet absolutely true.
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