My dad celebrated his birthday, I've decided to play with the decoration on the table

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    f (x) = a (b-x)^3 + 50. love it :)
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    @HalfBloodPrince wouldn't it be f(x) = (cos(x)+1) × 25
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    @c3ypt1c well we dont see the whole function so it may be cos () or something else
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    Any cos function can be written using an equivelent sin function from the simple fact sin (x) = cos (90-x)

    What i dont understand is what trig functions have anything to do with how old your dad is
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    @simpleJack Radians!
    But I agree: why the trig?

    ++ For trig regardless.
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    You all are right, functions can be written mathematically in different ways. The age should be linear and not trignometric or parabolic etc. But if this is a cos then it means that his fathers age is harmonic and he started at 50 and now he is getting younger till 0 and then he start getting older and so an periodically.
    @simpleJack it doesn't define age and the function should be linear. But hey lets leave the kid in peace he just want to be nice to his dad. His dady must be proud of teaching him math.
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    @HalfBloodPrince lmao but I've never said that the diagram would show my dad's age.. also I'd be the one who would teach him maths, not the other way around :b
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    @simpleJack @Root this wasn't even supposed to show the age, I was just bored as hell and played with the decoration, there isn't more than that behind it lmao

    No other theory behind it
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    @Lahsen2016 Jesus, that's ugly. 😂😂
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