I am new to c and cpp.
I used to exploit my college's competitive programming platform cus it had a bad architecture and almost no auth checks.
For every ajax request, they weren't sending auth tokens or any form of identification and ran all the programs without any logs and on the main thread and as root.. wtf, right?
But recently they've changed something to the site and I cannot run bash commands using system() call.
Is there any other way to execute bash commands using c and cpp.
I already configured a miner in their server but then they re-deployed it cos someone forked bomb the shit out of it.
I'm a noob in c and cpp btw!

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    @IllSlapU it's fun how you're not even questioning why or telling him he shouldn't do so but instead just answer his question right away haha
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    Please tell me you at least know how to configure that miner properly.

    Besides, who gains access to a remote server without even creating a separate backdoor for themselves?
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    @IllSlapU you got a point that I agree with :)
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