Building a cheap monero miner.
Any good AMD GPU above 300H/s ?
Also the cheapest that can do that could be great.

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    @Linux what's wrong ?
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    Please punch yourself in the throat and pretend it was me
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    300h/s? My darn cpu can do that
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    @LeFlawk using cryptonight ? I really doubt that also what CPU u have ?
    I will probably go for gt750ti or gt960.
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    @BindView nooo that would hurt and wtf is wrong.
    Gt750ti can only get 270H/s newest Vega only 1500h/s
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    Ok, lets slow down for a moment. GPUs for mining. Well, yeah it is pretty good for some cryptocurrencies. BUT! Did you know that here, in central Europe we CAN'T buy any GTX10XX because it is all sold? Or if it is not, price of 1080 is more than 680 euros? Yeah buy more cards for fucking mining guys. Thanks
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    @lamka02sk yes but im not looking for total high end gpu i just need 300h/s gpu what i looked well gtx750ti looks pretty good and it pretty cheap on ebay.
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    @lamka02sk Just bought an 1080 at Budapest, it is doable but yeah stores are almost empty and you need to preorder them. Cannot argue with the price info, it is kinda expensive compared to the before mining madness state.
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