kinda creative:

A customer got an error in one of our applications. He made a screenshot, printed the screenshot, scanned the printed screenshot and attached the scanned jpeg to the e-mail :-D

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    That's like googling Google. Unnecessary and inefficient lol.

    At least they know how to take screenshots (if it's a PC issue; if it's mobile disregard that lol)
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    I think after taking scanned copy ,he would have read the poster above

    * Please think before printing ,so u can save trees*

    Then he would. Regretted for his mistake and sent u mail with image of scanned copy!
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    At least they tried!

    Most users just huff and walk away.
    Some think "I know, I'll yell at them! That'll make it all better." And then tell you "ur shit broke! u suck!!! Fix it!!!11" And nod in satisfaction at a job well done.
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    Someone in the office I worked for would regularly write up Word documents, print them off, and tell me to email them to somebody. They weren't signed in any way, and they weren't any kind of official documentation.
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    Ok, now you're just making shit up 🤣
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    Oh nice, almost a full set! You're just missing the jpeg within a doc file as attachment. So, so close 😋
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