If you ask a scientist what pi is, he'll tell you it equals 3.14159..
 If you ask a mathematician, he'll tell you pi equals the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter..
If you ask an engineer, he'll say "Pi? Well, it's about 3, but we'll call it 4 just to be safe.."
But if you ask a kid, he’ll ask if he can have ice cream with it...!

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    "I calculated we need 1kg of reactant-X so order 5kg"

    Sums up my life
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    If you ask a dev or a sysadmin he'll say that it's a small computer
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    and if you ask me i would tell you that its digits are infinite.
    and that its fun to learn them.
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    Don't you mean Math::PI?
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    Also, a mathematician might scorn you for using Pi instead of Tau
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    Raspberry/Orange/Banana Pi. Like these much more than any number
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    I want to order two pi radian cheese.
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    @Root was waiting for someone to talk about tau lol
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