❕ Please update devRantron ❕

A critical vulnerability was detected in Electron and I urge all the devRantron users to update their app manually.

Please go to https://www.devrantron.com get the latest version which has the necessary patches.

Due to a request, we added compact mode in the app, which can be used to view a distraction-free mode of the UI. Notifications screen is a little bit more readable now. The read notifications are now greyed out.

Again, the auto update will not work for this version. Please manually update as soon as possible.

(This is a repost of tahnik's rant to make sure everyone sees it)

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    Thanks for letting us know/acting so quickly!

    Kudos to you and @tahnik (and other participants)!
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    @linuxxx yeah this was all tahnik since I didn't have time to help :p Also, we redesigned the website to make it match more with devRants current design :)
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    @namenlossss haiii
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    @namenlossss wait what does dfox and trogus use devRantron!?
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    @namenlossss oh I am busy on my own with my hacked crap site and didn't know what's happening on devrant 😱 thanks for the tag bro
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    @namenlossss thank you 😀
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