I'm going to try a 'zero-day' strategy for learning c++ (at first I was also a little confused about the term zero-day).

The name zero-day does make sense in that there are zero days of me not doing x

So, for this strategy, I have to program something (doesn't matter how small) in c++ every day for a month. After that I'll do the same for python

Then I can make an educated decision of what programming language I like the most

I want to thank @teganburns for his c++ video about c++, that's the reason why I chose to try c++ first

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    Link? 😉
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    I added my first day project to github, not sure if there are people who are interested in following my progress... If so feel free to peek now and then at


    let's see if after one month of c++ programming I create something better than a
    hello {name} !
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    @teganburns I expected it would take a lot more lines of code to do something like that in c++!
    Nice work
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