So this happened last night...

Gf: my favorite bra is not fitting me anymore
Me: get a new one ?
Gf: but it is a C already.
Me: get a c++.

After 5 sec i bursted in laughter, she was confused.

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    And she probably thought "my fucking god what kind of relationship did I get into" - just like mine does.
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    @Hevlastka she got used to it :D
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    What about D?
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    @benhongh the portable drive?
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    So whats the CPU and Memory for that rig? 😂
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    She will get the D
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    @benhongh Yeah, nearly nobody is talking about D (language)...
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    @Unskipp that sounds kinky :)
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    actually ASCII(D) = ASCII(C) + 1
    or short D=C+1 but not = C++.
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    Well that certainly interests your Python hmm ?... Im so sorry 😅
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    @h3ll try them on before buying I mean shops do have changing rooms don't they ?
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    I don't know about @h3ll, but nothing anywhere near my size is available in stores at all. Bra shopping is a nightmare.
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    It's not just the cups. I'm a 26" band but have to settle for 28 and even those shift around if I attempt to move around too much. The smallest band I've ever seen in a store was a 30 at a Nordstrom. Thank the flying spaghetti monster for Panache.
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    @h3ll Damn it sounds harsh, I guess shopping can be hard on girls too especially if they need to go through all this trouble to find something that works for them.
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    Sorry about that ladies. Simply means there is no stable formula for bra. What if we design dynamic bra? You can adjust cup size and bands position?
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    Let's remove the straps and add the "touch strap" since normal straps are obsolete tech anyway.
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    I get that one! Because D is a language as well! I'm so smart!
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    So is she single now?
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    It's weird to see discussion about bra sizes here, lol
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    I mean... technically that'll increment AFTER she uses it...

    Maybe she's looking for a ++C
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    But that ++ should not be always active, I guess...
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