I tried to ssh into my own data center.

I failed.

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    Tried to ssh in my own new server, failed too, you’re not lonely

    But for my defence, I’m new to the server world
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    @RedBorg thy sins be forgiven thee ;)

    It is just hard to get over it when you built this up for the past year nearly from scratch.... shame.....

    It feels good not being alone though :D
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    I had this issue once, and figured I had run a backup cron that filled up my server hard disk and it couldn't process my SSH request
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    @alexare well that's an interesting error 😂

    One day I had a problem with my local Docker volumes. They ate up all diskspace on my notebook causing many programs to suddenly fail and behaviour extremly weird. Took me hours to find out the cause since Disk Space Analyzer said everything was fine :/
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    @justwellbrock Hahahahahah a really big thumbs up to Disk Space Analyzer
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