Fuck javascript
Fuck css
Fuck even html
And fuck web dev in general.
i can't do this shit anymore.

i've been working in web for ~2.5 years, 4 different companies, countless frameworks, technologies and tools and it feels good having that kind of knowledge and ability to do anything in this field, but god damn. I'm exhausted of "moving pixels" most of the time.

And i know, maybe different company and position would better suit me, but how often do people hire pure breed back-enders ? not that often, at least not in my country. Everyone has to do everything. And even then, php/sql/sysadmin/devops work doesn't motivate me as much. I need something that would make me actually think.

And so i decided to change my specialty, i'm going to follow my long lived dream - game dev (C++) :)

Oh i know, i'm not naive. I know how difficult and hard it is, but it seems like i've finally matured for it. So i've been waking up at 5 a.m and learning for ~3 hours before work for a few weeks now, and plan to go part-time at my work, after a few months (need to save up some money) for ~6 months, to focus on C++

Then hopefully i'll be able to land a junior position. If not, well, i wouldn't be a problem solver if i let that get to me :)

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    Good luck in the pursuit of your dream job 😀

    Just being curious, where are you from? Being French, we do hire lots of pure backend dev.
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    thanks :)
    i'm from Lithuania.
    you're talking about web dev right ?
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    Welcome to the dark side! There's nothing more rewarding than game dev, imo. I'm following you.
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    Finally someone who's in their right mind 👍

    Glad to have you on-board, enjoy the ride
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    i would recommend to hit c#, i know its not very popular but it goes well with unity, which is getting more and more popular as a game development platform. also if gamedev wont go well you still can have a chance to get a .net job.
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    @Anookas yep I am.

    @kimailis no idea about how marketable the skill is but it should definitely be easier to learn than c++
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    I'm a c# dev and I know c++ is good for games but as said above C# is used in unity which is increasingly popular, plus then you'd have c# experience that could more easily be applied to other kinds of roles. It seems C# / .net are still pretty big if you're not looking to get into massive tech hub areas for the most part.
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    i did consider C# and unity, but i just love the way C++ looks, she's gorgeous :D unlike C# (for me). Also i like Unreal engine a lot more than unity.

    But yeah, C++ would be quite a bit harder, regarding finding a job, especially since my country currently has 2-3 jobs offers (whole country) for C++ (none of them for game dev of course). So the only options are :
    1) contact local game dev companies directly (a bit sad though, since we don't have any pc/console developers - only mobile (which i can't stand))
    2) relocate to another country, e.g. UK has quite a game dev hub.
    3) remote... :D :D :D
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    @kimailis C# is not popular? Dude, have you been living under a rock for the past few years?
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    @Krokoklemme i mean that there are more popular languages like java, python, c++ etc... in my country it is rare to find a c# job but easy to find with other languages.
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    @kimailis just because there are more popular languages, that doesn't mean that C# isn't one of them

    And, according to the TIOBE index, C# is more popular than Python
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    @Krokoklemme c# popularity depends on the country. But it is quite popular.... .ASP even overtakes Java in web development by quite a bit if you look at the websites per technology used graphs.
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