Is February ever going to happen or is it just going to be January all year?

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    January is like the trial version of WinRar...it never ends
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    There are rumours that January has been delayed due to a scheduling error.
    However, my calendar also says it'll probably be available in approx. six days.
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    maybe January was made by the same people responsible for the new Berlin airport
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    @CoffeeNcode Personally I’ve never been can only imagine it’s never ending (like this month)
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    @lukegdavies its original opening date was about 11 years back. They are still not done
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    I wish february could chill the f--k out and wait a bit before arriving ... deadlines ...
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    Thanks for reaching out Luke.
    Unfortunately due to some technically issues Febuary has be canceled for now; but we can assure you we are working around the clock to get March up and running.
    Thanks for your patience.

    Kyle, Calendar Support Specialist.
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    Why so excited for February.???
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