I'm all about feminism and "men and women are equal", but it's hard as f**k to say that when the only other girl in my IT department is one of the slowest learners I have ever seen!!

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    It's getting on my nerves too😁 and I'm a girl.
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    i totally agree - i think the reason she isn't fired yet is the lack of qualified people (man or woman). Once they find a good substitute, i will see no reason for her to remain here
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    Males and females are equal.
    Individuals are not.
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    @Root best phrase of 2018 so far
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    @Root @azous it really is the vest quote of 2018 so far. Root is a true og
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    @1989 it already is, google damore vs google.
    @aalleexxaa won't be the case if she's there to fill a quota, in which case she'll be replaced when someone with similar or less "oppressive" sexual orientation shows up.
    @Root equality of opportunity != Equality of outcome, there are differences between the sexes and that doesn't mean people shouldn't have the same opportunities but it means people will have different outcomes depending of the choices they make.
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    @JKyll Of course! For "equality," the only thing that matters is being equal at the starting line. Trying to enforce equality at the finish line is stupid, demotivating, and destructive.

    Some people are lazy.
    Some people write poetry instead of studying or practicing.
    Some people go out and work hard every day.

    These don't lead to equal (or even comparable) results. But these decisions are up to the individuals.
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    @Root exactly, that's why I stopped calling myself a feminist they have different goals in mind.
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    @JKyll Same here ^^

    Feminists now seek, not equality, but to oppress. I can't condone that.
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    What does her learning abilities have to do with her gender?
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