You guys are represented on my 3D printer! 😎

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    Is than an A8 i see? If so, is it any good. Been planning to get one 🙂
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    Yes, yes it is, especially if you like tinkering with things. I underestimated the magic associated with designing something on your screen and watching it being brought into existence.

    I bought it for 125€ including shipping. First things I printed were upgrades. I also immediately bought an external MOSFET module for the heatbed (the onboard solution isn't powerful enough and proposes a real fire hazard as it puts a lot of strain on the main board), Igus Drylin bearings (this printer is a b*tch to align on the Y-axis, especially with Drylin bearings) and a glass plate. I'm also planning on building a regular ATX PSU onto it to replace te generic Chinese PSU.

    So far, with these mods (it's also pretty good stock!), I am really pleased with the results.
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    The extruder on mine is doing my head in, it keeps blocking lol
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