I prefer to write desktop applications or mobile applications (android). Only time I touched web-applications so far was for school.

Tbh, I hate it the way have to do it in school. vanilla js, no css framework, JSP backend (sometimes php 5.4) and that rounded up with eclipse indigo.
Let's not even talk about the fact that we never really talked about js or css in school, so that was even harder for me too begin with (still suck at both of them imo)

I can't express my gratitude for js and css frameworks. They make web development much more fun for me.

đź’– laravel, vuejs, materializecssđź’–

Feel free to suggest me other things, I only completed 2 project with these

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    Foundation 5 is a great HTML framework. Tried using 6 a few times, not hooked on it as of yet.
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