Anyone use AutoHotKeys?

If you do, what are some scripts you use daily?

I also plan to create some of my own scripts and I need suggestions

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    I'm Danish and I absolutely detest using the Danish keyboard layout because the special characters are in annoying places. So I use the US layout which is so much more lovely.

    Now since I'm Danish i end up having to use æøå. For that I made an ahk script ages ago to Bing it to rightalt and their respective keys 😎
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    I once used a script years ago. Its called something like Radial Menu, a simple black Menu with customizable shortcuts
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    I use it at work. I have a Windows computer but I use a Magic Keyboard, so I use AHK to map my Mac habits into Windows (cmd instead of control, shortcuts, this kind of things)
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    That is a clever use.
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    @CWins Just looked at it for the first time since like 2014. The last two lines doesn't seem to work 😂

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    Maybe I'm stuck in the past but I still use it extensively and not only for auto-string replacements and such.

    It's just about the only writing code that can produce non-WIndows95 looking GUIs. Yeah, I'm looking at you, tkinter.
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