* Finds out about devRant *
* Gets all super excited about expressing dev feelings *
* Spends 30 mins thinking what to post *

I guess, just like Twitter I'll be a viewer.

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    Welcome to viewers anonymous
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    Welcome to devRant!
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    Hello! Have my ++ so you can build an avatar on 10++'s :D
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    This post just disqualified you as a viewer.
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    @Tored thanks :3
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    @yceo Oh, the irony :|
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    Better nothing than memes ;-)

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    Welcome on devRant dude enjoy your time here;
    I'm Haxk20 17 years old dev working in C for 9 years;
    Enjoy and make sure u have fun here;
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    @Haxk20 And you have a bird on your shoulder! *-*
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    @imTachu yeah a red one I love him; its reward for my ++;
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    @imTachu welcome to devRant.

    Very soon you will start knowing everyoneโ€‹ here. It will feel like home.
    @Haxk20 @sam9669 are both few examples.
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    Aah, you'll know what to post when you get angry from developing
    Let out the anger, get ++, buy a bird and be happy again
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    Welcome fellow dutchie!
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    @demiko yeah I do have 9 years experience cause my dad always let me to science and PC so I started programming when I was 8 and don't be jealous my code is still not perfect and I'm now learning Java and I'm not so good at it but hey I will get better
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    @demiko yeah he is great without him I would be coding maybe probably I would start but later.
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    @demiko but now I'm like 3 times better then he is because I want to learn every single piece I found physics chemistry doesn't matter science I wanna to learn it all. I'm trying to learn quantum mechanics hard but it's great.
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    The weekly rant prompts are always a good place for ranting inspiration, and the historical prompts are still fair game.

    Happy ranting!
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    And over on your left you'll see a rare @trogus in his native element ladies and gents
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    Hello there, such a nice thread you have. Here, let me just leave a comment for notifications.
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    I have found someone like me
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