What are your top 3 languages to learn in 2018 ? (Why is appreciated) :)

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    JS because everything is moving to the web

    Python because of machine learning

    C because what else would you program your doorbell with

    Edit: these are not my top 3, missed that part in the OP.
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    Java, because its fast, efficient and powerful

    Java, because of the wide range of projects its good for

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    1. Python for machine learning and NLP
    2. More JS (or to learn some frameworks)
    3. Get better in Swedish or German
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    Scala : fast, flexible interoperable with Java, functional and object oriented.
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    1. French (I'm starting to be capable to enjoy media in french)
    2. Java, I'm a Java developer but I want to know more
    3. Python, I think it's a good complement to Java
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    @awelxtr merci pour ton commentaire mec !
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    @okkimus Vad skoj att du vill lära dig svenska! Det är ett riktigt roligt språk om du frågar mig :)
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    Kotlin: I'm tired of Java and want to be like the cool android devs.

    Swift: I want to develop for iOS.

    Go: I don't know any low level langauges and I have no use for c or c++ in my projects, and golang seems really fun
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    Ju jag bor i Finland så jag har studerat sveska ~6 år. Och sista sommaren jag sommarjobbade i finlandssvenskt företaget :D
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    1. Java
    2. Python
    3. Web things
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    1. Haskell: I want to be a cool functional programmer

    2. Elm: It's like a simpler Haskell for the Web and the architecture is great

    3. Clojure: I want to be a cool functional programmer, but on the JVM
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    JS (I must learn this again because I don't have choice for front-end webdev)

    Ruby (because it's a fun language)

    Elixir (gotta dive into functional paradigm, and looks like Ruby too)
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    @host127001 clojure did catch my eye !
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