We’ve got a new co worker for apprenticeship in software development at the office

I hate him

In the first week he told me he chose development cause he can earn much money but never programmed before
At that point I already thought this won’t work

How, about 6 weeks later, he still asks me so dumb questions
He told me for example he needs to print an array and when I looked to the code the „array“ was just an integer and he did not understood the difference
Later that day my boss wants to check the progress of him and for the last few days there was just nothing and he needed to explain him what are variables again for the thousandst time.
In February he must go to school which is part of his apprenticeship but cause he joined our company very late he must catch up the last six months
I am really wondering how that is going to work... and how long it will take for my boss to get rid of him..
He also has absolutely now interest in learning at home after work to finally understand the basics
He just thinks he is so intelligent so he doesn’t need to
And then he complains about not getting „enough“ money -.-
Thank god for noise canceling earbuds

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    lol how did he get through the interview..
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    Our IT section is really small and he is the fourth candidate on that job
    We really need more devs but don’t get one because the ceo pays really bad
    So he is happy to have more devs but we have to handle that shit
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    @sslPoodle if it is an internship (for an apprenticeship), like in germany to met the job himself etc. it shouldn't be a problem and not so hard cuz then they know you're "interested" in this, but not experienced.
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    When you say "he must go to school", you mean for the first time? How could he not know what an array is? :/

    That guy's going nowhere. A dev is a dev 24/7, not the length of a shift.
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    @telephantasm Amazing quote. I'm going to use that.

    Once a dev, always a dev. Can't turn it off even if I tried.
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    I came back after my holidays and my boss informed me with a grin that this special colleague got fired
    We all agreed that for now we are all more productive without him because no one needs to help him anymore
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