Easy. Was creating a website for a client and they asked if we could add "those, what do you call them? Yeah cliparts" to the website.

Cliparts? Really? Those silly cartoon things from MS Office?

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    Maybe add some 'under construction' gifs as well. Haha
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    @felipebhz I love the old under construction gifs. Oo I'm building a 404 page tomorrow maybe I'll hunt for some old 404 clipart
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    Don't underestimate how many people's first exposure to graphics was clipart. They then refer to any type of isolated image as "clipart" when really, they just mean a suitable picture. But their visualisation is limited by only really having Office clipart as a frame of reference.
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    @kevbost Retro Style! 😁😁✔️
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    Clippy approves
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