Today was bad day.
- only had 3 hours of sleep
- 1.5h exam in the morning
- work in the afternoon until 8pm
- 1 drive crashed in a RAID5 array
- wasted hours of data copying
- my hands and arms got really dirty from all that nasty trump-face-colored dust in the server room
- nothing new in the west
- I have to get up in 4 hours again to start a new copying task
- I only knew it was friday today because the devRant meme game was reaching the weekly peak
- lists can save lives
- good night 😴

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    *puts outa healthy breakfast, energy drinks / coffee* that sucks. no way to deny it doesn't. but you'll get through it
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    Woah! Such coincidence: both drives in my RAID 1 failed yesterday.
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    "trump-face-colored dust"

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