The new youtube challenge, eating tide pods, is showing the stupidity of humanity on a whole new level.. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU

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    The lvl is the same since ages, one just got the possibility to let it viral 😁
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    @teganburns who is logan Paul?
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    @jakobev That guy on YouTube who filmed himself in front of a hanged corpse to gain more clicks.
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    @deadlyRants wtf is that serious?
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    Don't interfere with the natural selection!
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    @teganburns "He never asked for that to happen to him ya know."

    Oh, sure. Who could have expected to come across corpses if you fly to Japan and walk through the suicide forest.
    And of course it was just an accident that he had the camera switched on during that time and of course he didn't choose to keep that scene in for the video...

    Seriously, if he didn't do it for the money he would have cut it out like any decent person. Showing corpses in random Vlogs can't be justified, period.
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    @deadlyRants could you attach the URL to this "SHIT" here... want to see it now on my own
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    @jakobev I'm pretty sure all videos showing that scene are deleted by now, at least on YouTube.
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    @deadlyRants ya.. it should be ofc
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