Me: Baby, I can't do what you want me to because I need to learn how to use Github and it is taking longer than it should.

Girlfriend: Don't feel bad, maybe you're just not ready to commit yet.

Me: Laugh and die a little inside because I understand the pun but not the program.

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    I don’t git how hard it is

    git add .
    git commit -m “yay I did stuff”
    git push origin develop

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    @C0D4 It's when you mess up and have to take down a commit and rewrite history that it gets sketchy... Or when you have to rebase, I've had it backfire a couple times
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    @nanoandrew4 I agree that can get difficult but you normally know your way around git by the time that happens, unless you’re learning git while doing a multi dev project then your in for some pain.
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    Totally a joke I would make
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    How long did it take you to learn DevRant and LinkedIn?
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