Sharepoint intranet - took around 45 seconds to log in and open start page for the whole first year. Specialist went in to help. Now it only takes half a minute.

With 7000+ employees it means over 50 hours of wasted time _every day_ just from opening the start page once per employee and day.

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    That is totally messed up! How can you even live with that...
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    @phoomparin Well luckily haven't had anything to do with chosing Sharepoint (rather opposing SP even when it was only a project management tool). Also I very rarely use it. I am one of the very few who have a computer totaly outside the regular network. But most employees have it as start page of the browser...
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    SharePoint can be a real bear. If you have skills the money is good. Big companies buy it and it is often underutilized and poorly designed.
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