Pffff...... Wanna make an app tomorrow...
Got no clue what to make....

Maybe something with big AI learning data machine. Yeah I think that hits all the right buzzwords :P

Any ideas you're willing to share?

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    You forgot blockchain! That has to be squeezed in there too somehow. Than you have all the buzzwords you need.
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    Toaster app..

    Put bread in primary toaster socket, then insert phone into secondary socket.

    Phone will beep when toast is brown enough..

    All you need is a database of bread types, toasters and times for various shades of toast..

    Egg timer based on picture taken of egg to determine its size.

    Figuring out the size of the egg from a picture would be difficult without a reference object next to it. :-)

    Perhaps the flash function could help determine how far away the egg is from the lens..

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    How about, toilet roll visual checking app.

    Figures out how many toilet times your toilet roll has left based upon the visual thickness of the role.

    Would need to hold personal database information of how much toilet paper you use each visit..
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    Tread wear for shoes calculator.

    How many more days will by shoes last..
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    Cockroach audio detector.

    Did you know cockroaches eat quite loudly !

    I once lived in a place, that they used to wake me up in the middle of the night.

    I have super hearing. :-)
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    <-- Has endless stream of ideas.
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    Ask yourself what is in demand in your area that no one offers, supply and demand. Make side profit with it.
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