I write a thesis about some data mining project.
I need to process 15 million tracking points - today I finally finished coding my algorithm. I was pretty excited and pressed run:
Now, after 2,5 hours of processing, my program got already through a third of all tracking points, as I realized:
I gave my algorithm a non-valid output path.
And that thouht stuck me, as I was already on my way home.
Now I have to go tomorrow (on my day off) to work, to fix and run it again.

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    @ganjaman that's a good idea, but I am a working student, so I do not have remote access from home to my working place pc πŸ€”
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    @Katinka Do you have a server available?
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    @linuxxx No, I don't 😞 I do have a raspberry Pi at home, but due to lectures I haven't come so far to set a server up on it...
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    @Katinka Ow 😞
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    why run again... reach before it ends and make the location valid via the FS πŸ˜‰
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    Why don't you set up ssh or RDA. Add IP and port to NAT it'll hardly take 10 to 15 minutes and you can access it anywhere, all institutes have static IP addresses.
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    @TRex what is RDA exactly?
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    @user261 sorry *RDP
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    @TRex ah... I see πŸ˜…
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    @user261 I didn't know that this would be possible 😱 I'm coding with Java: how can I give another ouput path without interrupting? (Or for which key words should I google 😊)
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    @TRex I haven't done it before, so I thought that it would take me some time. So thanks for giving the idea, I'll do my research for this solution 😊
    But on the other hand: I work for an IT company, won't I cause any alarms when the system there notices some unknown ip tries to access an account? πŸ˜…
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    Thanks to all for your helpful comments and solutions! I'm pretty unexperienced, so you all pushed me further πŸ˜„ thank you for your time!
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    @Katinka no no you can't change the source code. I meant to say:
    let's say the invalid path was /usr/notsovalid/f.out , obviously it's not valid because there is no folder /usr/notsovalid/ ..... so before the output part of the program executes, create the folder /usr/notsovalid/ ....

    but of course this only works for this type of error in pathπŸ˜…
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