Google Play's latest update is an epitomy of what we are as a society. You're too lazy to navigate deeper, you dumbf**ks. You're wasting my navigation dev effort. /s

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    Your post makes 0 sense man. What is it that you don't like about it?
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    @AleCx04 he's talking about the icon tabs under the 'normal' tab bar
    Google did get some beef lately, because that's against their design guidelines and devs are apparently hauling ass to honor that guideline
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    @AleCx04 @Kimmax that "/s" at the end denotes sarcasm, although not entirely sure if for the whole thing or just the dev efforts. Either way, even if the entire thing WAS sarcasm, just looking at the clusterfuck that is the Play Store says it all lmfao
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    I put /s because I'm half angry. They violated the guidelines, sure, but it seems inevitable since consumers are getting lazier. I'll just remove /s so anger being present 💯 will be the point.

    Update: Shitballs I passed the 5 mins mark. 🤣
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    @peterbetos One of the perks of being a supporter!
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