Google terminated our Google Play Console account. Neither they give any explanation, nor they send any replies from a real human. All they send are some auto replied emails. Nothing else. No human interactions.

I mean, disabling the account for a few days is fine. But terminating permanently!! Not just that, they say that they will keep terminating accounts in the future if we create! WHAT THE FUCK! Who comes up with these shitty ideas?

Google should know, If they keep changing their policies 100 times in a month, who's gonna keep reading those bullshits over and over again?

Some of our apps got published, later got rejected for "App Description". Seriously?? For App Description?? I mean, If the app descriptions were not okay, why did you publish the app in the first place?? Not just once, but multiple times!

Should they not be a little more considerate? We developers are working hard to enrich their platform, but they don't give a fuck.

Anything we can do to get our account reactivated?

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    Sounds about right.
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    Probably nothing you can do if they won't talk to you. This is the danger of relying on such an account - you're at the mercy of Google, entirely - and unless you're seriously big, they really don't care if they piss you off.
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    At least on Android there are alternative means of distributing apps
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    In every country there is a small google representative company like a small branch that facilitate administrave stuff for their businesses.
    Try to find the local office and give a direct call.
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    @devapsarl Thats a good idea. thanks man. I really appreciate :)
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