A new guy was brought on to help with a particular part of my program.

He worked on it for a little while and got something working. But honestly the code hurts me. And not because I'm some arrogant prick, but because there's something about the way it's written that's really bothering me.

I was saying to my girlfriend that I don't mind people helping me out and adding new features. Usually they bring something to my attention that I otherwise would have never thought of.

However, in this case I was told to back off completely. This of course, makes sense, we don't want to be stepping on each other's toes. But now that he's sort of done, I've taken a look around at it is really getting to me.

They've placed redundant pieces of code in places that I would have never done. And objects have been made that seem to only match precisely one particular use case.

I had overhauled this program with flexibility in mind a while back, and now I feel like it's doing a 180 again simply because the client is getting impatient.

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    You need to be careful when you're writing code for deadlines. You have to effectively make concessions. Time to market is very important. If you write a masterpiece but it takes twice as long to release, it may be too late by the time the code is live. I recommend using iterative development. From the manager and customer point of view the product is "working". Whether the software is substandard or not is none of their concern. This was one of the biggest paradigm shifts I had to deal with, moving from "this is gonna be the best" to "how can I deliver in shortest possible time - still following SOLID and GRASP". Not easy, I still struggle with trade-offs.
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