Today I am going to rant about this guy who I am working with in a group for creating a mobile application as a project for a course.

So let me give you some background info about this guy. He has 5 years of experience as data analyst from some company in India. Now he is here in Canada for his masters. I took him in the group thinking given his experience, he can be an asset. However, as I started talking to him it became clear that he has no experience with programming or software development. I am ok with that as everyone is new to something. However, he started intrupting and started giving negative feedback about each and every thing we discussed regarding the project. Don't get me wrong, I am all about getting feesback. But if someone who is just sitting there and just searching stuff on google just to bull shit with people to show that he knows stuff is irritating. He always provide useless feedback and solutions to any problems.

I was talking to him about his past working experience and his future plans after graduating. He literally said, "I want to learn just enough to fake in front of employer during interview. I was doing the same thing in my previous job." I was legit shocked at this moment.

Now I have to tolerate this for another 3 months. I am just worried about the project.

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    @1989 That's legit. I checked. However, during the first semester he said he worked as data scientist. He took a course "Machine Learning with Big Data." for a week. As assignment was given in the class he droped the course and took something else. Funny part is he still thinks of himself as data scientist.
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    If ur team lead ,it's ur test to handle these kind of ppl!

    Take it as a challenge and try building the project with others ,and make sure he does something and give credits only to his work! And remaining time just mock him down.

    This may be a boost to him to do good real work

    May this help you, just saying how would I have handled it
    Of course u may have a better one ,but yeah just telling
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    Exactly it's like Swift developer having 15years experience๐Ÿ˜‚
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    @1989 In India some company gives you shiny title even if you are doing nothing. His work actually was like data entry operator.
    (FYI, I am also from India.)
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    @Nawap Hey, thats a good advice. Right now I have no other choice but to do that.
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    @1989 Hahaha. Maybe you are right. But I really don't want to waste my time with this guy anymore than i have to.
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    People with fake résumé are indeed annoying.

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