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Most Fake Résumé you ever read

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    we had one claiming to know "Ruby and Rails" ;)
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    @CoffeeNcode I know one who claimed once to know 20 different programming languages.
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    @github Is this the same person who stole your projects right 😹
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    @kickass yup. That fucktard only.
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    @1989 In that case, I have seen plenty of people in LinkedIn with MS Word and PowerPoint as skills (which I do consider as very powerful tool, but most they only know the basic common functionalities.)
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    @github do something dude don’t let him ripoff ur hard work
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    @1989 I would hire him exclusively for that skill 😂😂
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    @kickass yup. I discussed yesterday with my project partner too.

    He had a super evil idea of blackmailing him for money otherwise everything will be exposed and his dreams for MS will be all shattered. 😈
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    @github sounds like a plan 😈
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    @1989 lol. I would just reject the moment I read a CV like that ever.

    It will be like:
    I have 10 years experience using various versions of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.
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    @CoffeeNcode To be fair, they are very different things. I'm adept with Ruby, and only decently good with the Rails framework.
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