Man I love being in a server room, its so cold

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    Cold?! I've been in one and damn, I was sweating my ass off after only a few minutes 😅
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    @linuxxx really? doesnt it has to be cooled otherwise the servers will overheat?
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    @dotPy The coolers were deffo there! We nearly had to scream in order to hear each other haha.
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    Without coolers it'd be boiling there. With the coolers the heat was manageable :P
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    @linuxxx damnn, glad i dont have to go through that, but i once caught a fever because i stayed to long there...
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    Normally they only cool it down as much as it is really needed. The servers can work well in a warm environment, so cooling it down even further would be a waste of money.
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    I assume that you were not talking about a Google data center, it's warm... Almost hot there! :-D
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    I've been in one 😍
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