Just did a transplant on my friend's phone. He dropped it one too many times, and fucked it up real bad.

We were first going to simply put his SIM card into another phone. I had an old S6 that bricked itself during an update before I really knew much of anything about phones, so I dug it out and spent a day trying to restore it with heimdall, adb/fastboot, and eventually odin when I found a laptop with windows. Unfortunately it's a Verizon phone, and because Verizon likes to keep a tight chastity belt on everything, it was pretty much impossible to unbrick. After giving up with finding a custom recovery or flashing a stock ROM, we moved to Plan B.

We took both phones apart, switched the boards, switched the SIMs, and he now has a working phone in much better condition than before he dropped it seven feet from his girlfriend's bunk.

It's always fun to make life from two dead things.

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    Why does this remind me of Frankenstein?
    But yeah it always feels good breathing live into old things. People forget that a computer from a couple of years ago can still do a `normie` workload.
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    @rootshell he actually named it Frankenphone after the procedure.

    I have now four computers made before 2010 that I use for tasks of various intensity. Optimized correctly they can still perform competitively
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    @rootshell @Aporue-Sutol lol I came here to drop a Frankenstien comment and found out we all shared the same thought 😅 😂
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