When the company my mother worked for was arranging computer courses and could not leave the computers in the borrowed classrooms.

They brought them home and I got to play with them :)

Sinclair ZX80 with 512 bytes of RAM (no hard drive, diskette or CD).

This was 38 years ago ;)

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    WOW! 512Bytes O_O
    The lowest I used was 16KB :\
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    @gitpush You're probably confusing it with ZX81. On ZX80, 1KB total memoy was minimum, but half of it was video memory, leaving a work memory of 512 KB.
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    @TerriToniAX I honestly don't know, I ddg it and saw the first result only, but why was it discontinued a year after when it achieved great success (according to wikipedia)
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    @gitpush Because it was replaced by ZX81 :) Sorry, I just realized I was incorrect in my comment above. The ZX81 was still 1KB. The minimum of 16 KB came with the ZX Spectrum, which in turn replaced the ZX81. I had a ZX Spectrum, that was my first computer ever :)
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    @TerriToniAX I see, I liked its size though it was small, but they said it used to heat up a lot? wasn't its cooling system good enough for the hardware?
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    @gitpush Most home computers at the time had a few vents in the case to evacuate warm air, that's all the cooling system they had ;)
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