My introduction to computers was sitting in the family room on the floor with my dad, we had an old Dell laptop running Windows 94.

I remember him taking this weird square thing (floppy drive) and putting it in to the computer. He then said something along the lines of "you might like this" then he started up a game.

It was my favorite game (until club penguin came along)

It is now my second favorite game (Minecraft wins)

An image with weird pixelated graphics popped up on the screen.. it said "Commander keen". He started a new game, and I was instantly hooked.

After a while, I found this blog that had a list of cheat codes and I began to stack codes in various ways to find glitches and stuff.

It was very fun.

After that, I started learning how to use dos and then I used virtual box to run Linux. And eventually, I started learning python.

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