First exposure, nice question!

I've been told an Amstrad was my first computer (showing my age..), apparently taught me to read and write.

The Commodore64 was the machine I first fell in love with. I was just as interested in learning BASIC as I was with the games. Tried to use the books which showed page after page to write in the code but that took me so long, TL;DR...

Through the years, my parents did what they can to nurture this passion. Was blown away when I got the 486, even more so with the 686!

mIRC scripting followed, that had an amazing community, made a series of add-ons and chat bots.

Then got in to VB6 quite heavily and made a range of programs.

Had a friend who needed a web project done, so I recommended PHP based, and to help him out, I smashed as much learning in to it and pulled it off in a week, whatever the language, I've loved sinking my teeth in to it!

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