I want to work in New Zealand, but I don’t have a degree. What can I do?

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    You can
    1) work in new zealand
    2) get a degree
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    @BindView Is it that easy to get a job there?
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    @vicary shouldnt be hard, i got a few offers a few years ago, just make sure to communicate well with the company you apply to

    @J-2FA i have always been a man of african origin 👌
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    @J-2FA I filled out the form and they didn’t reply. About a month after that event they said I didn’t hit submit and I was like wtf.

    Yeah and now that campaign site turned into a full-fledged recruitment company.
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    @BindView Where did you search for jobs back then?

    I mean, from your profile you’re a JS main, but most of their websites lists shits like PHP and .NET.
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    @vicary thats a ruse, i do java
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    McDonalds are hiring.

    ✅ is a job in New Zealand

    ✅ does not require a degree
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    Most Companies do require you to have a visa before you apply. Fun thing is, you hardly get a visa without a job offer.
    (I am stuck in this Teufelskreis right now, too).

    However, if you havent done this before: NZ offers a working holiday visa for citizens of some countries, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (literally, you get it only once in your life) where you're allowed to work for up to 12 months (or 15 if working in the agricultural industry) with very little requirements. It's perfect for picking up a job and maybe the company will help you when tgey know you.
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    @SSDD I am good if they hire me for burger automation.
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    @Lobidu recursive dependency
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    @BindView You gotta be more specific, the entire human species originated in Africa.
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