Tired of dealing with shitcode, that's all I always inherit. Maybe I picked the wrong career? or maybe I shouldn't have even read about things like SOLID or picked up Clean Code.

Then again if I hadn't, I wouldn't be where I am. But I'm unhappy. Why do I always get these projects where the poeple who wrote them (and dissappeared) clearly had no proefficiency on the used tech stack.

Am I ever gonna be part of a project with an actual lead/architect, who strives for the code not to rot?

Maybe I'm just being a little bitch whinning over this?

Halp!! the more I code, the more I hate it. It wasn't like this when I was the architect. But I didn't make as much money as I do now...

What do I do

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    Bite the bitter apple & look for other jobs or say fuck it and go freelance as your own boss? :p
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    @lotd from personal experience, having to work with your own shitcode and having no time to rewrite it sucks just as much xD
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    dont do stuff you dont like for too long, you can use the skill you have gained now to do something new, something that you would like.
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    I was only once working on a project that was nice. I liked the structure and almost all the code. To bad the client didn't have 💰 to continue working with us and employed Indian devs.
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