first contact was with games. There are actually 2 events I connect with that, but I cant remember which one was first - so here you have both:

Both happened on the Computer from my dad - Windows 95 with Boost button - which of course was always active to make everything super fast :D (yeees, now I now that it actually made it 'slower')

1) Playing Lemmings from 2 Floppy’s (3.5inch 1.44bm)
Until my dad kept Disc 1 in his Jacket for whatever reason I cant remember (maybe because I played to much) and my mother had the great Idea of washing the jacket... bye bye lemmings :( never played it again since then, but still remember the music and soundefects. still love them :)

2) Trying to install AoE on the PC. But since HDDs where cheap (not) and had a ridiculously amount of space (not) (sth. ~250MB) and AoE needed ~150MB, my young and smart me came up with the amazing solution to delete the largest folder on disk, which was C:/WINDOWS. I do not have to mention that my dad was not amused ^^

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