So last Friday I orders my new camera (Canon EOS 1300D) from Amazon with prime NEXT day delivery
It didn't turn up Saturday even tho I got told it would but I got £20 credit from them for their fuck up.
I was told it would be delivered early the next say (Sunday) and by 3pm it was still not there... Got another £5 from them for their fulse promises.
It arrived later that night at 6:30pm

So yesterday I ordered a tripod using my credit and next day delivery for today and im just wondering of it will arrive or not.

Weird thing is, The reason it was not delivered was because of "network problems"...

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    Have you ever worked in ecommerce order processing? You can run in to the weirdest shit.
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    @stevenliemberg funny you should ask... I am an IT apprentice for a company with a few websites, ebay and Amazon shop. The thing is, Amazon have repeatedly screwed up my deliverys
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    Amazon is just terrible overall.
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