2018 and the YouTube app still refuses to play a video if you minimise the app.


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    @hube though audio adverts aren't difficult or revolutionary
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    clearly youtube does not know about R.O.I. #russhaneman
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    They made it very clear by giving picture in picture mode only for YouTube red users.
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    There are some unserious apps out there that are possible to do that. I wanted to develop one of my own, but afraid of their licenses etc. and dont want to get sued.
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    @hube too quick to jump to conclusion, google is always open to new ideas
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    @devJoe As said above, they have implemented it in the *paid* YouTube Red. So they do know of course how to do it, but they don't want to in the free version. That should show their intentions clearly.
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    If only they would offer YouTube Red outside of US.. already paying for Play Music, why shouldn't I get Red too??
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    Yeah if you have YouTube Red then you can minimize the app and continue hearing the audio. I think they specifically disabile this feature for unpaid users.
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