Reminder that you shouldn't trust head hunters.

I reached out to one a month or two back, because I knew they had worked with Company X in the past, and I figured they might get me a more direct line to HR.

They said company X wasn't hiring, that I should apply to Y and Z.

I started working at company X on Monday. They only wanted me to apply to Y and Z because those are the positions that recruiter was specifically trying to fill.

Recruiters are not your friend. They do not have your best interests at heart. They can be useful, but don't trust them.

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    Had a situation once when I was job-hunting where I'd applied for a job through one recruiter and another one rang me several days later about the same job.

    I told them I'd already applied and... I kid you not... The recruiter asked me to email them saying that I would rather have this new recruiter represent me for the job instead of the other one.

    I laughed and hung up.
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