Throwback to when some teenager tried to pay me and my buddy $10 (total, not each) to develop a custom forum website for his ArmaIII video game server, then got mad at me when I told him that's unreasonable

"And I'm already in trouble with my parents for offering you that much so you ought to appreciate it'

Lol ok.

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    Should've made a plain HTML page that just said "Fuck off." in a really large font.
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    @jhh2450 lol if only, I basically said he's out of his mind and needs to read up if he thinks a website is that easy to build and maintain. Clearly he thought he was some hot shit because he ran an arma server, probably had a power complex.
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    @Crazed Invoice
    Website. x1. $10
    Handling Your BS:. x100 $4000

    Total:. GET REAL KID
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    @jhh2450 And then make it responsive
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    @Prophetcrysis Click on the "Fuck off" and it just spams the screen with fuck you and middle fingers.

    Kinda like this.
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